Welcome to Lloyd Star Group of Companies! The Leader in Land Transportation, Shipping and Logistics Services!

Lloyd Star Group in U.A.E is one of the Company has reputation and placed it as the market leader in the field of Land Transportation, shipping and logistics service provider over decades.

This has been achieved by ensuring that the services provided by Lloyd Star Group to his customers are the highest possible standard. Lloyd Star Group in U.A.E has the policy that philosophy of excellence will result in improvements to the services we provide to our existing respective clients. The same attitude will apply to all new customers in the future. The Challenge that Lloyd Star Group set ourselves is to always react positively to the changing requirements of our clients, in an ever more sophisticated logistics environment. As a team we working towards these goals and we look forward these goals and look forward to developing our quality services in future.

Where we deliver?

Lloyd Star Group of Companies in U.A.E

Carry your goods with security, safety and success.

Our 10 terminal network, extensive fleet, and consistent rating as one of U.A.E top for hire carriers are just a few of the reasons Lloyd Star Group is a great choice for Land trasport and logistics service requirements. We provide a complete offering of Land transportation, Shipping and logistics services.

Key to Success

The Key Points to visualize the activities of Lloyd Star Group of Companies are to focus that we are capable to handle the range of diversified activities.

- Maintain a reputable and untarnished reputation in   the Land Transpot, shipping and logistics services.
- Quality care and updating day to day movements.
- Competitive freight rates.
- Deliveries of goods at flexible hours.