Lloyd Star Group - Mission

- To provide easy accessibility to high quality comprehensive logistics solution under one roof.
- Challenge and change the poor image of land transportation.
- Be the prefered choice for all our customers, employees, suppliers, trade and contractors in the field of logsitics.
- Committed to create value to our customers by offering cost effective solutions and superior services.
- Inculcate professional knowledge and job satisfaction in our employees.

Lloyd Star Group - Vision

To be the most efficient, competent and cautious provider of comprehensive logistic needs of all industries within the region.

Lloyd Star Group - Values

- Honesty and integrity.
- Privileges and responsibility.
- Planning and implementation.
- Quality service and continuous improvement.
- Courtesy and compatitiveness.

Guiding Principles

- Make all operations effective & eficient.
- Set examples.
- Work as one team.
- Set the rules to follow.
- Deliver our promises, to exceed.
- Your needs our priority.